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-======General application notes instructions====== 
-To make it easier to try different features and develop general knowledge in Blocks, how to use different features and show best practices for various situations, we have created an ever-growing list of Blocks application notes. 
-In order to get you started you must familiar yourself with some practises, common for all the application notes provided. 
-There will be a download link where you can download a .zip file for all application. The content should be unzipped to a directory common for all your various projects. 
-The preferred method for choosing between blocks is to change the root path in your PIXILAB-Blocks-config.yml file that should be kept in your user home directory. If it is not there, [[https://​int.pixilab.se/​docs/​blocks/​server_configuration_file#​alternative_blocks_data_location|read this.]]to find out where it goes. Check [[https://​int.pixilab.se/​docs/​blocks/​server_configuration_file|this]] article to find out about the syntax and the various settings. An generic file that will do in most cases can be downloaded from here.