Blocks Lighting Fixture Definitions

A fixture definition describes a lighting instrument, such as a multi-color light or a moving-head light, controllable over Artnet/DMX-512. Using such a definition makes it easier to use by assigning meaningful names to its functions, rather than working with raw DMX channel numbers.

A set of lighting fixture definitions usable with PIXILAB Blocks can be found here:

To use any of these definitions, do as follows:

  1. Download the entire github repo as a ZIP and unpack (or clone the repo if yu're familiar with git).
  2. Copy the desired brand name folder(s) into the fixtures directory located inside your PIXILAB-Blocks-root directory.

The fixture definitions now appear grouped by brand and model under Manage, Artnet in Blocks.

A few basic and common fixture types can be found under the Generic brand. Due to the simple file format, it's quite easy to add a definition for other fixtures you want to use with Blocks, based on the information found below.

NOTE: These definitions were partially derived from the excellent Open Fixture Library found at

Folder/File Structure

The fixtures directory holds a simple folder/file structure:

  • It contains one subdirectory per supported brand, plus one named Generic, containing a few common definitions that aren't brand specific.
  • Inside each subdirectory, there's a description file for each fixture, with the fixture's model name. These files have a .json extension, and are formatted according to the JSON standard.

Ceating a Fixture Definition

As mentioned above, it's quite straightforward to write a definition file for a fixture. Please refer to the documentation found on our github page for details. If you make a definition file that you know work with a particular fixture, we'd be happy to add it to the github repo. Drop us an email at with a zipped copy of the definition, along with the make and model it describes.