Lottery Moment

A Lottery moment is a fun way to choose a winner from your audience. It's presented on the selected display as a wheel of fortune, picking a single winner every time it's spun.

To view the settings associated with the moment, described below, click a Lottery moment in the dashboard view.

Controls and List of Winners

The top of the main area shows the main START/STOP button for the lottery.

To start the lottery for the first time, press the play symbol on the right hand side, as with other moments. This starts the wheel spinning. Participants appear in the main area as they join the lottery (see under General below). Once you have enough participants, stop the wheel by clicking the START/STOP button. The wheel gradually comes to a standstill, showing the winner. The winner is also indicated at the top of the main area.

:!: The winner is shown immediately in at the top of the main area, as you click the STOP button, even before the wheel has stopped.

Previous Winners

All winners are shown in the main area, below the list of current lottery participants. Click a name of a previous winner to see more details about the winner.


In addition to the controls shared with most moments, as discussed under "editing moments", this moment has the following specific settings.

App Settings

These settings govern the moment's behavior on participants' phones. The text entered into the Title field will appear on the phone while running the lottery.

The Show in menu / Fullscreen settings are described here.

Display Settings

The setting control how poll results appear on the display.

  • Title appears above the spinning wheel on the display.
  • Wheel visibility controls how much of the wheel that will be visible. In most cases you should leave this set to Half to see only the upper part of the wheel. The Full option mat be suitable if you have a very large, or a vertically oriented, display.


The Enter method option controls how participants enter the lottery:

  • All includes all participants in the lottery.
  • Active includes only the participants currently having the app open on their phones.
  • Actively joined allows participants to chose to participate in the lottery by pressing a button appearing on their phones.

Delete Moment

Click DELETE MOMENT to remove the entire Lottery moment including the results.

:!: CAUTION: This operation can not be undone. Any previous winners shown inside the moment will be lost.