Poll Moment

Use Poll moments to ask your participants questions that have a small set of possible answers. Their answers can be presented with diagrams, updated live as participants vote.

To view the settings associated with the moment, described below, click the moment in the dashboard view.

Playback Controls

While playing the moment, the following additional controls appear at the top of the moment.

  • PAUSE VOTING ON APP stops the ability to vote in the app. E.g., allowing a presenter to discuss the results thus far undisturbed, Press the control again to resume voting.
  • HIDE DISPLAY RESULTS clears out the results on the display, while voting continues. Press the control again to resume showing the current results.


The top of the main area lists the possible answers to the poll.

  • Click the + symbol under the list to add one more alternative.
  • Click the X symbol next to an alternative to remove it.
  • Drag the = symbol up/down to re-arrange the alternatives.
  • Click the text of an alternative to change it.
  • Click the color circle to change the color of the alternative. This color will be used for the app as well as the results shown on on the display

You can not add/remove/rearrange alternatives once you have played the moment, as doing so would invalidate any answers collected. To make those changes, first stop playing the moment, then click "DELETE RESULTS" to discard all previous results. You may want to export any results before deleting them, in case they contain valuable data.

While you may edit the text of an alternative even while running the poll – e.g., to fix a typo – avoid changing it in any way that alters its meaning, as that may skew the results of the poll.


Once you've played a Poll moment, the results are shown below the list of questions. If you want to re-run the same poll, collecting a new set of answers, click "Create a new run".

Each result set has the following options:

  • Type into the Label field at the top of the result set to name it.
  • Collapse or expand the set of replies by clicking the ellipsis symbol .
  • Click the play button to chose which the result set to display (applies only when there are multiple result sets available)
  • Press "EXPORT" to export the results to a CSV file, for subsequent analysis in Excel or similar software.


In addition to the controls shared with most moments, as discussed under "editing moments", this moment has the following specific settings.

App Settings

These settings govern the moment's behavior on participants' phones.

The Show in menu / Fullscreen settings are described here.

Other App Settings

  • Title. Name of the moment shown in the app. When using the Passive behavior mentioned above, this title is shown on the home screen, providing access to the moment.
  • Alternative label. Chose whether to display just the alternative number, alternative text, or both in the app.

Display Settings

The setting control how poll results appear on the display.

Result counter

Optionally adds a number, indicating the count or percentage of votes, to each bar or pie slice.

Alternative label

This setting controls whether the alternatives are labeled by their ordinal number and/or text, in addition to the color.


Results are shown as a bar graph, with the following primary options.

  • Orientation Vertical with bars growing from the bottom up.
  • Orientation Horizontal with bars growing from left to right.

Horizontal bars are more compact, and may therefore be suitable when there are numerous alternatives.

Show voters

This option, available only for vertical bars, indicates the identity of voters as they cast their votes.

:!: Make sure this option is unchecked if you want voting to be anonymous.


Results are shown as a pie graph, with one colored segment per alternative.

General Settings

Multiple votes allow participants to chose any number of alternatives – and not just a single alternative.

Changes permitted allows participants to change their mind for the duration of the poll. If this option isn't selected, the participant can only vote once.

:!: These two settings can not be changed once you have played the moment, as doing so would invalidate any answers collected. To change those, first stop the moment, then click "DELETE RESULTS" to discard all previous results.

Delete Moment

Click DELETE MOMENT to remove the entire Poll moment including the results.

:!: CAUTION: This operation can not be undone, and any results will be lost.